Fedora 15 Release Party series in Vietnam – the first, in Hanoi

Finally, the coolest-ever series of Fedora 15 Release Party has been done successfully in Vietnam.

Following the ideas of celebrating Fedora 15 country-wide, the local Fedora community, head by Truong Anh Tuan, the first (and also the only one, up to now :) Fedora Ambassador in Vietnam, collaborated with the local LUGs and FOSS community to organize the series of three Fedora 15 release party in Hanoi (the northern), Hue (the middle) and Ho Chi Minh city (the southern of Vietnam).

The first, Hanoi

The first party in Hanoi was started at 6:30 PM on Friday, May 27th, 2011. We organized F15 release party as apart of the Vietnam Open Day 2nd (that was also an idea initiated by Fedora community in Vietnam). We invited a lot of experienced FOSS activists to present and discuss all about FOSS.

My presentation with topic “Fedora Community world-wide and in Vietnam” paid attention a lot to participants. After that, I demonstrated the Fedora 15 new features with GNOME 3, Dynamic Firewall, systemd, etc. and especially, I shown the Fedora event box, an OLPC/XO running Fedora/Sugar inside (it also was brought to other parties in Hue and HCMC, of course). A lot of questions were asked around who-we-are, what-we-do, how-we-can-contribute such a lot of work to the FOSS community, etc. Over an hour, lately, people understood our mission, vision, our four foundations: freedom, friends, features and first and a lot of things about our project and community.

During the event, I met a lot of Fedora users whom I may not know before (or simply, I may not know that they are currently using Fedora :) as well as other friends in the community. I even was so impressed with an IT student who had a long fly back from the US(!).

There were a lot of exciting discussions among Fedora users and all other communities such as eXoPlatform, GNOME, Mozilla, Asianux, Ubuntu-VN, etc.

The event was ended with a small beer party among my closest FOSS friends :). Thanks to HanoiLUG, and all my friends in the FOSS community in Hanoi.

See the photos set here.

And the next event in Hue here.

Truong Anh Tuan
Fedora Ambassador Vietnam

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