Fedora 15 Release Party series in Vietnam – the second, in Hue

The second, Hue

Then, the next party was in Hue. It was started at 9:00 AM on Sunday, May 29th, 2011. I arrived Hue just 15 minutes before the time :), after a long trip, over 12 hours, by train from Hanoi.

Getting to the conference room just before 5 minutes, after a short preparation, I started my presentation with the same topic “Fedora Community world-wide and in Vietnam”. People were immediately absorbed in what we (Fedora) are doing for the whole FOSS community. I pressed the freedom factor in our four foundations, all software and contents we made are always contributed freely to the FOSS projects and community. As it was one of their rare opportunities to get involve to such a FOSS event, and for some people, it was the first time to know about Fedora in all factors: a project, a community and an operating system, they are also very interested in Fedora 15 new features, especially GNOME 3 and LibreOffice.

There were a lot of questions, especially after my Fedora live show, about GNOME 3 Shell, how it was compared to Unity, Windows 7, MacOS X. LibreOffice was also a hot topic which took almost an hour to discuss among us. I finally told them that Fedora is the fastest Linux distribution; we always try our best to introduce new features first. At the end, participants were given Fedora LiveCD to try Fedora 15, GNOME 3, LibreOffice and more.

The event was ended over the noon. We got a nice party at a small restaurant in the country side of Hue (it was shared, as usual :) before coming back to the station to take the late train at 5:00 PM back to Hanoi. Goodbyes to all friends in HueLUG and Hue Maison des Savoirs, I was back to Hanoi at 5:00 AM, Monday. I was exhausted but I was so happy after doing such a good job for the FOSS community in Vietnam.

See the photos set here.

And the next event in Ho Chi Minh city here.

Truong Anh Tuan
Fedora Ambassador Vietnam

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