Fedora 14 Release Party in Ho Chi Minh city report

Thứ ba - 16/11/2010 16:03

The Organizers team - Who we are


  1. Truong Anh Tuan - Fedora Ambassador Vietnam

  2. Pierros Papadeas - Fedora Ambassador Greece

  3. SaigonLUG

  4. Dai Hoc Su Pham TPHCM - HCMC University of Pedagogy

  5. and other friends.


The base idea

I had organized some successful release parties for Fedora 11-13 in Hanoi and around areas before but no one in HCMC, although I knew that there is a large FOSS community there.

I knew many of them use Fedora so I would like to organize a release party there long time ago.

I would like to take that opportunity as one of the first steps to start re-organizing the Fedora users and contributors in Vietnam (next steps should be done in other places, provinces around Vietnam)

I have got a lot of contacts and friends in Hanoi FOSS community but not many in HCMC, the city at over 1,800 kilometers far away from my home town.

Preparation phase

At the first time, I tried to contact with a guy in SaigonLUG I had met before to inform that I will come to HCMC and discuss with him my idea to organize a Release Party for Fedora 14 in HCMC about a month ago. He was a bit busy so we forward me to Mr. Nguyen Chau An, a nice man, one of the leaders in SaigonLUG and the FOSS community in HCMC. Thanks my god to send him to me (you will see he supported me much below).

An got me in touch with Dr. Son, a respectable professor in HCMC University of Pedagogy and luckily, his students, instructors and staffs were also looking for opportunities to learn more about FOSS and technologies. So, Fedora would be one of the best ever FOSS they need to know.

My strong belief convinced Dr. Son and others to join with us to organize the Party. One of the most difficult but needed thing to organize a cool event was passed.

Secondly, I think about the activities in the Party. I discussed much with Pierros what we should do so lastly, I had a plan what we need to prepare.

With a lot of helps from An, we got everything prepared: large banners, posters (designed by Emichan), flyers (designed by Lilly Nguyen);

Dr. Son helped me to prepare all logistics and invite all his faculty students and some other teachers and staffs; he also helped me to join some volunteers into;

iWay Vietnam team helped me to burn live medias (over 100 64-bit LiveCDs and 100 32-bit ones);

All I need to do now is just simple, fly to HCMC to meet all of them :)

The main party evening

In the party day afternoon, I discussed with Pierros and saw that we may not come to the event on time since it was not near from our place to the university.

I decided to come there earlier with An and then Pierros would come later with all other friends who also would like to attend our event to meet a larger FOSS community in HCMC.

At the university, it was not so difficult for us to find the lecture room D, where all attendees were there and everything was ready ;)

I was really shock when looking around. A lot of attendees were in the room (about 150), most of them were young, being excited and seems not be so patient :)

The Party started.

I made some questions to the students and suddenly recognized that most of them did not know what is FOSS ;).



  • Q: do you currently use FOSS? A: just 4-5 raising hands.

  • Q: do you use something like Firefox? A: about 2/3 people raising their hands :)


So that, I decided to start my speech with something to let them know what if FOSS, what is GPL, etc.

My main speech about Fedora Project started. I helped them from one to one to know what is Fedora Project, who we are, what we do, how to join with us, etc.

My speech was about 45 minutes; then finally, my friends, Pierros and others were coming :)

The students and attendees were so excited to welcome the new visitors as they knew those new ones are people very active in FOSS community world wide; and they they came here to share with them a lot of interesting things.

Pierros started his speech in English. Although most of attendees could not understand all (just a few things), they were more and more excited, especially, after An interpreted into Vietnamese :)


Next was the Q&A section about 1 hours. However, just at the beginning, I recognized my plan were broken totally :)

Students had a tons of questions specific about Fedora, and/or generic FOSS such as licensing, tools, issues, business models and many others.

The Q&A seemed endless until I see everyone was hungry ;) so we appointed the last question and got close the party.

The last activities were much more excited since all attendees tried their best to get a Fedora T-shirt (Pierros brought them from Greece :). No live medias were left just in minutes :)

We took a lot of photos, wrote contacts and so on.


And more in other cameras :)

Closing phase :)

The party was almost ended but...

We ourself gave a bonus to have a nice dinner with some nice Vietnamese foods and beers :)




Truong Anh Tuan



Fedora Ambassador Vietnam




Special thanks to:



  1. Nguyen Chau An - from HCMC, SaigonLUG member

  2. Dr. Son - Professor at HCMC University of Pedagogy

  3. Lilly Nguyen - from the US, HanoiLUG member

  4. Emichan - Fedora Design team

  5. iWay Vietnam team - my company

  6. And others


Who supported us to make this happened.





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