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announcing paste.fedoraproject.org


I'm happy to announce that our sticky-notes pastebin service is fully live and in service for any of your Fedora Project related pastebin needs.

A pastebin is a web application that allows you to temporarily store small blocks of text or code for sharing to others.

You can find it at:

Or use the handy command line client 'fpaste' utility available in the 'fpaste' package. Simply 'yum install fpaste' and then 'man fpaste' for more information. (Note that fpaste versions older than may still be using the old site/api and may not work, make sure to install a newer version).

I would like to thank the fpaste.org maintainer(s) for their long years of service offering a pastebin to the Fedora community, and we are happy we can take on this support burden moving forward. The fpaste.org domain has been redirected to the paste.fedoraproject.org servers to assist folks in migrating to the new service.

For bug reports or feature requests, please file against the 'sticky-notes' component in bugzilla.redhat.com:

For issues with the Fedora infrastructure hosted instance, please file in the fedora infrastructure trac instance:

Sticky-notes is available under the BSD license.
See: https://github.com/sayakb/sticky-notes for upstream source.

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