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Fedora 15 “LoveLock” To Get MySQL 5.5 & PostGreSQL 9

Fedora has always kept it’s promise of bringing cutting-edge computer technology to it’s users. It has now been confirmed that Fedora 15, codenamed LoveLock will ship two database packages: MySQL 5.5 and PostGreSQL 9. Fedora 15 Lovelock will have a couple of other advanced features too like Wayland & Systemd about which we have already told you earlier.

Coming to the availability of Mysql 5.5 and PostGreSQL 9 in Fedora 15, this was first brought out on identi.ca by one of the Fedora team leads. Also, the availability of MySQL 5.5 was recently announced by Oracle. This new version of MySQL  – MySQL 5.5 has a lot of improvements over it’s previous version 5.1. In some  performance tests, MySQL 5.5 registered up to 1,500 percent performance gains for Read/Write operations and up to 500 percent gain for Read Only in Windows platforms. While on Linux, it showed up to 360 percent performance gain in Read/Write operations and up to 200 percent improvement in Read Only.

Users may face some issues while upgrading from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.5 and may affect some Fedora applications, as some SQL level incompatibilities have already been noticed. However, MySQL 5.5 is already available on the Fedora Rawhide repositories and those Fedora Users who want to try MySQL 5.5, can do so right away.

Source: digitizor.com

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